Student Instruction Manual

  1. Registration
  2. Purchasing Credits
  3. Scheduling a Conversation
  4. Preparing for a Conversation
  5. Completing a Conversation
  6. Providing Feedback
  7. TalkAbroad Support

TalkAbroad Registration

Creating an Account

To create an account you need to access the TalkAbroad website located at and click on the Login button on the top right of the screen.

On the login page click Register Student Account and then fill out the registration form with all your details and then click on Create Account. It is important that you pay close attention when you register, an error will cause problems when connecting with a conversation partner in the future.

You will be sent an email which contains a verification link, click on it to finish the registration process.

Common Registration Errors

Please be sure to double-check your registration form before continuing. You can always make changes to your information by going to Account located on the top right corner on your homepage. Important Information:

  • Email Address: All confirmation emails will be sent here.
  • Timezone: Your conversation partner will likely be in a different timezone than you. This is used to calculate the correct time for your partner to call you.

If any of this data is incorrect you will likely experience problems when completing your assignments.

Joining Your Class Section

Upon verifying your email you will be prompted to enter your section code. A section code is provided by professors so you can register for their class. If you are not registered for the correct section your professor will be unable to view or grade your completed conversations.

Purchasing Credits

You are now at your student homepage. Before reserving a time for a conversation you will need to purchase credits or redeem a pre-purchase code. Click on  Add Credits.

A. Redeeming a Pre-Purchase Code

If your conversations were purchased through the bookstore or by the department you will have a pre-purchase code. Add the code on the space provided and click on Redeem Code. Upon entering the code your credits will be added to your account. You do not need to enter any credit card information.

B. Paying via Credit Card

In order to pay via credit card you need to select the number of credits to purchase and confirm payment:

  • Credit Card Number
  • CVC Code: 3-4 number code on back of physical card
  • Expiration Date

You will be charged once you have confirmed the quantity of credits and entered your credit card information.

Scheduling a Conversation

There are many conversation partners available to you. To get started, click Make a Reservation on your student homepage. You can search for partners in several ways:

  • By Country
  • By Date/Time they are available – Use this if you already know the date/time you want to have your conversation and only want to view partners available at that time.
  • Past Partners
  • View All

A. Completing a Test Call

You will be required to successfully complete a test call prior to scheduling. This allows us to verify you are comfortable using the audio/video conferencing tool prior to your conversation. In order to complete a TalkAbroad conversation, you will need a computer with an internet browser that is WebRTC enable. All modern browsers and phones with work with TalkAbroad (latest versions of  Google ChromeFirefox Mozilla, or Safari are recommended browsers to complete conversations. Refrain from using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer as you might have problems through the conversation). You will also need a functioning microphone and video camera. Please test your equipment thoroughly to ensure they work well. If you are uncomfortable with the technology needed to successfully complete a conversation, please complete a test call ahead of time.

There are two methods for testing your computer: 

  1. Test with a friend. (suggested).
    • Copy your personal test link located at the top of the test screen and give it to a friend.
    • Once your friend arrives make sure you can see/hear them and have a conversation.
  2. Test by yourself.
    • Find a second device (cell phone, iPad, etc).
    • Log into your TalkAbroad Account on the new device.
    • Select "Help and Instructions" and then "Test Call".
    • After giving access to your microphone/camera on both devices you should be able to see and hear yourself (with potential feedback).

Once you have completed the test call you will see a popup on your screen allowing you to confirm. You will then be able to see the partner availability and make a reservation! 

If you run into any problems getting your computer to work please click on "How can we help?" and follow the troubleshooting steps provided. If you can't get it to work click "Chat" at the top of the help box to have our support team help.

B. Selecting a Partner

Once you make your selection you will see a condensed list of partners. If one looks interesting you can view their full profile by clicking on the photo or View Full Profile.

Each time you have a conversation you can speak to the same conversation partner or select a new one.

The full profile will give you an idea of the interests, hobbies, and background of the partner. Spend time looking at the available conversation partners so you can find someone with similar interests.

C. Finding an Available Conversation Time

Once you have selected your conversation partner, take a look at their calendar of availability at the bottom of the page. Choose a time that works for you by clicking on the time in the calendar. All times shown will be according to the timezone you have selected on your profile. You can change your timezone under Manage Account on your homepage.

Please be aware that conversations need to be made at least 36 hours in advance. This gives the partner enough warning to ensure they will attend.

Once you have selected the time you will be asked to confirm the time, the assignment you are completing, the conversation partner and optionally add your telephone number.

Your phone number is used to send reminder text messages before your call begins. It will also be used for communication by the TalkAbroad support team in the event there is a problem at the time of the call. You will not be contacted by the conversation partner at that phone number. Your phone number is suggested but not required.

D. Making a Reservation

To finalize this conversation click Make Reservation. You will be sent a confirmation email with details and instructions. To confirm that your reservation was successfully created, you can also look at the calendar at the bottom on the student homepage entitled My Reservations. You should now see the reservation at the appropriate day and time.

E. Canceling a Reservation and Updating an Assignment

Locate the conversation on the calendar at the bottom of the homepage. Click the link, which will display all the information for the upcoming reservation. Click “Cancel Reservation” or select the appropriate assignment. You can also update your telephone number for the text message alerts.

TalkAbroad’s Cancellation Policy is that you can cancel reservations up to 12 hours before the call is scheduled to take place. This allows enough notice so that the conversation partner can be alerted to the change. Your credit will be automatically replaced into your account.

Preparing for a Conversation.

In order to get the most out of your TalkAbroad conversation it is best to prepare beforehand.

A. Preparation for the Assignment

If your professor has created an assignment in the TalkAbroad system it will be delivered to your conversation partner ahead of time. We suggest that you take 10-15 minutes to think about the conversation topic and come to the conversation with a plan.

If you are using TalkAbroad in a beginning-level course, consider writing out 10-15 questions to help structure the conversation.

Completing a Conversation

Plan to arrive at your computer and sign into your account 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time. That will allow you to deal with any problems you might encounter before the call begins. The conversation will last 30 minutes but it is safest to be available for 1 full hour in case of delays due to Internet problems.

A. Joining the Conversation

Click on the homepage 5 minutes before the scheduled time. A button for "Join Conversation" will appear for you after a connectivity test runs. If you receive a Cannot Publish Video message, please reboot your computer and get closer to a router if possible.

B. Troubleshooting Steps

The other person cannot see or hear you

  1. Approve use of your camera
    • Firefox: The camera in the top left of your browser should be green. If not, click on it.
    • Chrome: The camera in the top right should NOT have a X in it. If it does, click on it.
  2. Restart your computer.

The other person can see you, but cannot hear you (or vice versa)

  1. Check what camera/microphone is being used
    • Click the camera in the top left (or right) of the address bar to select the correct microphone/camera.
  2. Restart your computer.

The video/audio is delayed?

  1. Look at your picture and raise your hand. If there is a delay in your video you know your network is operating slowly. Try this test again after each step
    • Turn off all unnecessary program running on your computer.
    • Restart your computer.
    • If restarting did not help, the probable cause is an out-of-date graphics card or a computer that is too old for streaming audio/video. Please switch to a newer computer. If this is not possible, contact the TalkAbroad support team to reschedule for a later time when a different computer is available.
  2. Is the audio/video coming from your partner delayed? If so, this may be an internet problem
    • Restart your wireless router. If you are on a public wireless network turn your internet off and back on.
    • 'Check your wireless speed': Speed Test
  3. For a video call speeds of 1Mbps Download and 1Mbps Upload are required.
  4. If you are below the requirements you will need to find a higher quality internet connection.
  5. If you are above the requirements the problem is most likely on the side of your partner.

C. Finishing a Conversation

After finishing a conversation your conversation partner will upload the audio recording to the TalkAbroad website and you will receive an email confirmation. The recording should be uploaded within an hour of the end of the call. The email confirmation will include a link to provide feedback on the conversation. There may be occasional delays in uploading the audio recording and you can feel free to send us an email to find out more information.

D. How Long are TalkAbroad Conversations?

TalkAbroad currently offers conversations of two different lengths: 15 minutes and 30 minutes. But you may notice that not every conversation lasts exactly that long. What can you expect for the length of conversations?

30-minute conversations
30-minute conversations will last anywhere from 27-33 minutes. Some will start a couple minutes late due to our support team helping sort out some technical problems, and many will last a few minutes extra if your student and the partner are having a good conversation.

15-minute conversations
15-minute conversations will last anywhere from 11-17 minutes. We guarantee that you will get a full 10 minute of conversation time regardless of any technical problems our support team needs to help fix. Partners are also encouraged to use the full time available with students which means many of these conversations will last the entire 15!

If you feel you did not receive an appropriate amount of conversation time (and you arrived on time!) please let us know. We're happy to get them some extra complimentary conversation time.

Providing Feedback

After the conversation partner has uploaded the conversation you will receive an email confirmation. Included in the email is a link that enables you to provide feedback. This feedback is extremely important. If there were any problems on the call (poor call quality, discomfort with questions/comments made by your partner, etc.) TalkAbroad would like to know to improve future conversations. Someone on the TalkAbroad support team will contact you shortly regarding any problems you report and to refund the credit and help you reschedule if necessary.

TalkAbroad Support

The TalkAbroad support team is committed to being very responsive and available. TalkAbroad understands that students will have questions and there are a lot of logistics involved in completing a conversation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us, chat with us through the direct chat on the website, or even tweet us @Talkabroad.

If you have questions, please contact TalkAbroad support before asking your professor as we are very experienced in helping students navigate the program. You can expect to receive a response within a few hours if not immediately.