How do learners make a Global Experiences reservation?

Global Experiences conversations are in English for the purpose of cultural learning. We're happy you might have one! Guides (professors and instructors) can learn more about our Global Experiences program here.

Add Global Experiences credits

  • From your homepage, select Add Credits.
  • Then, select the number of Global Experiences credits you need, and make a purchase with a credit card. Alternatively, you can enter a Pre-purchase Code and redeem it.
  • After adding credits, you'll see the number of credits you have remaining on your homepage.

Make a Global Experiences reservation

  • From your homepage, select Make a Reservation.
  • Then, select Schedule a 30-min Global Experiences (English) Conversation
  • Select a partner from the list by clicking on View Full Profile, or by clicking on their profile picture. You can filter by country, date and time, or see partners you've previously met.
  • Scroll down below their profile to see their calendar of availability.
  • Select a time when you would like to talk with them.
  • On the next page, select the assignment topic for your conversation. This is provided by your Guide (your professor or instructor).
  • Select Make Reservation to confirm and make your reservation!
  • When it's time to join your call, just log in and go to your homepage. You'll be automatically invited into the call. You can learn more about how to join your call in our general student instruction manual and video here.

Need any help with this? Feel free to contact our support team by clicking on the "Need some help?" button at the bottom of the page in your student account or by emailing