Can I use TalkAbroad independent of a course?

Yes, you can!

First, if you don’t have an account on TalkAbroad, you can create one by following the instructions in our Student Instruction Manual. After that, follow these steps:

Join our section for independent students.

You'll be asked to input a Section Code when you create your student account. You can also join new sections by clicking on Account at the top right, and then clicking on Add New Section.

The Section Code is: TalkA2022-206816

Schedule a conversation.

You'll be able to select from among our example topics, and you’ll also be able to select an open topic so you can bring the topic to the conversation! (See instructions for scheduling conversations in the Student Instruction Manual.)


Save time by using the prep ideas we’ve already created here.

Don't forget to use our Direct Message tool to introduce yourself to your Conversation Partner. You can also share a bit about your goals for the conversation, including specific language you might like to practice. (TalkAbroad Conversation Partners aren't traditional tutors, but they can try to use the language you'd like to practice as they talk with you!)

Complete your conversation.

Log in to your TalkAbroad account a few minutes in advance, stay on the homepage, and the website will invite you into the conversation. (Again, you can find instructions in the Student Instruction Manual.)

Reflect and share.

Spend some time reflecting on what you learned here. If possible, find other learners with whom you can share what you're learning.

Schedule your next conversation!

If you have any questions, you can contact support by emailing or by clicking on the orange "How can we help?" button at the bottom of the page on