Quick Test Call

We suggest that you successfully complete a quick test call prior the scheduled time. This allows you to verify that you are comfortable using the audio/video conferencing tool prior to your conversation. In order to complete a TalkAbroad conversation you will need a computer with an internet browser that is WebRTC enabled. All modern browsers and phones with work with TalkAbroad (latest versions of  Google ChromeFirefox Mozilla, or Safari are the recommended browsers to complete conversations. Refrain from using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer as you might have problems through the conversation). You will also need a functioning microphone and video camera. 

Simply make sure that you can see yourself, the mic bar is moving accordingly to the sound, and the connectivity test provides a positive result. During the test you should get a result from the connectivity test located on the bottom of the screen (numbers may vary).

Some tips in case you do not get a positive result:

  • Restart your computer
  • Try switching browsers
  • Mobile devices (tablets, ipads, cellphones) are compatible with our system.
  • Shut down the comptuer.
  • Make sure that there are no pending updates on your operative system. this might cause troubles.


Please test your equipment thoroughly to ensure they work well. If you are uncomfortable with the technology needed to successfully complete a conversation, please complete a test call ahead of time. You can find your personal test call room by clicking 'Help and Instructions' located on your Student Homepage.