Do partners give feedback about student conversations?

In participating sections, TalkAbroad conversation partners provide feedback to professors about student conversations. This makes it simpler for professors to identify conversations to be checked more closely so they can support learners better.

Who can participate?

To participate, this feature must be activated in a section by TalkAbroad. Please contact for more information.

What feedback will professors see?

Professors will see a yellow exclamation point icon beside the conversation when they click View Completed beside an assignment name or student name (on the section page).

The yellow icon represents the following feedback from our conversation partner:

We think you might want to check on this one. The learner could use additional support.

Not all conversations will have feedback from our conversation partners. Note that learners will not see this feedback; it will only be visible to professors.

How does it work?

TalkAbroad trains its conversation partners to give feedback about each conversation. Once the feedback is provided, it will appear in the account of the learner’s professor along with the other conversation information.

The feedback provided is not to be interpreted as a score or a performance evaluation, and it is not recommended that programs use the feedback to be critical of student performance. Rather, we hope that this feedback serves as one very useful data point among many that help professors as they guide learners.

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