La Moda y el Cine

Unsuccessful 30-minute sample assignment #2

Assignment Name:

La Moda y el Cine

Shared Instructions:

We are going to talk about fashion and movies and what influences they have from other countries.

Please prepare 20 questions based on our textbook in the corresponding chapter, using the vocabulary from class. Prepare an essay with all the information you could get from your partner.

Remember to be nice to your conversation partner, using the phrases “Buenos días,” “Buenas tardes,” “Buenas noches,” “Es un placer conocerte,” “Gracias por hablar conmigo,” “Puedes hablar más despacio,” “Puedes repetir,” etc.

Remember that the conversation and subsequent essay need to be completed by February 3 and we will present your essays in class the following week.

Private Instructions:

Van hablar sobre la moda y el cine. El estudiante traerá preparadas algunas preguntas para usted. Gracias por su tiempo y paciencia para mis alumnos.

What makes this an unsuccessful assignment:

The Shared Instructions are in English. For a successful assignment, these need to be in the target language as the conversation partners may not speak English. (See Keys to creating a successful assignment #1.) Additionally, the Shared Instructions are meant to provide information that both parties need, like the class assignment or discussion topic. If there is anything specifically for students, we recommend putting that elsewhere in the students’ classroom materials. (See Keys to creating a successful assignment #4.)