Unsuccessful 30-minute sample assignment #1

Assignment Name:


Shared Instructions:

Hola, en esta conversación ustedes podrán hablar de los siguientes temas que son los que hemos enfocado en la clase: inmigración, historia de sus antepasados, arte y pinturas famosas.

Private Instructions:

Estos estudiantes están en nivel intermedio, de espacio suficiente para que ellos puedan pensar y hacer las preguntas que llevaran preparadas.

What makes this an unsuccessful assignment:

There are four topic options and the assignment allows the student to choose and prepare questions they want to discuss. This is perfectly fine for a 30-minute conversation however it does not allow the partner to prepare because he/she does not know which topic the student is going to choose. In order to help, you can instruct your students to send a direct message ahead of time to share with the partner their selected topic. By doing this the partner will have time to prepare for the conversation. (See Keys to creating a successful assignment #3.)

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