How do I redeem a Pre-purchase Code or Discount Code?

After logging into your student homepage, click on Add Credits.

If your conversations were purchased through the bookstore or by the department, you will have a Pre-purchase Code*. You may also have received a Discount Code* from us by email if you missed a conversation by accident.

*Remember to use the complete alphanumeric code, not just the numbers at the end.

  • Discount code: 
    • miss-12345✔ 
    • 12345❌
  • Pre-purchase code: 
    • University2018-123456✔ 
    • 123456❌

Add the code in the field labeled code and click Redeem. Upon entering the code, your credits will be added to your account. If a discount code is used, the proper cost will automatically be populated and you will be asked to enter credit card payment information.