How long are TalkAbroad conversations?

TalkAbroad currently offers conversations of two different lengths: 15 minutes and 30 minutes., but you may notice that not every conversation lasts exactly that long. What can you expect for the length of conversations?

30-minute conversations

30-minute conversations will last anywhere from 25-35 minutes. Some will start a couple minutes late due to our support team helping sort out some technical problems, and many will last a few minutes extra if your student and the partner are having a good conversation.

15-minute conversations

15-minute conversations will last anywhere from 10-17 minutes. We guarantee that your student will get a full 10 minutes of conversation time regardless of any technical problems our support team needs to help fix. Why can we not guarantee a full 15 minutes? We sure wish we could, but logistically it's extremely difficult. Many conversation partners have back-to-back conversations starting every 15 minutes. If a student has technical problems and spends a few minutes troubleshooting the problems our partners are not able to delay their following conversation.

We are happy to refund and give any student a free second conversation if they get less than 10 minutes of conversation time (assuming they arrived on time!).