How long are TalkAbroad conversations?

TalkAbroad currently offers conversations of two different lengths: 15 minutes and 30 minutes. But you may notice that not every conversation lasts exactly that long. What can you expect for the length of conversations?

30-minute conversations
30-minute conversations will last anywhere from 27-33 minutes. Some will start a couple minutes late due to our support team helping sort out some technical problems, and many will last a few minutes extra if your student and the partner are having a good conversation.

15-minute conversations
15-minute conversations will last anywhere from 10-17 minutes. We guarantee that your student will get a full 10 minute of conversation time regardless of any technical problems our support team needs to help fix. How are we able to guarantee that? Well, when your student schedules a 10-minute conversation we reserve a full 15 minutes. That way if any problems come up we have some extra time. Partners are also encouraged to use the full time available with students which means many of these conversations will last the entire 15!

If your student feels they did not receive an appropriate amount of conversation time (and they arrived on time!) please let us know. We're happy to get them some extra complimentary conversation time.